Welcome to the CrystAlien Redux project site!
(Also known as the CrystAlien Conflict Archive site.)

This site has backup versions of the Lego Mars Mission CrystAlien Conflict game,
and will also have newer versions of the game from the CrystAlien Redux Project.


We've released an unofficial fan-made update to CrystAlien Conflict!

This update fixes several high profile bugs in the game as well as a couple other changes and additions,
and the re-addition of an old level that was removed in a previous version.

A thread was posted on the MMW to announce the release,
which included a link to play the new bugfix version of the game, and a detailed change log.

Play CrystAlien Conflict (Latest Unofficial Updates)

Play CrystAlien Conflict (Last Version Seen on LEGO.com)