CrystAlien Redux Project

The CrystAlien Redux Project is a fan-operated online archive and modding project dedicated to the discontinued LEGO Mars Mission CrystAlien Conflict web game.

This website contains playable archived backup versions of the CrystAlien Conflict Flash game, as well as fan-made tools and updated versions of the game, directly from the CrystAlien Redux Project.

CrystAlien Conflict is a real-time strategy (RTS) single player Flash game which was originally released in 2007 and featured on the LEGO website from 2007-2010. The game featured many levels showcasing the Mars Mission LEGO toy range. During the game's original lifespan, it was played in excess of 20 million times and regularly topped the global Viral Chart.

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Project News

May 7th, 2020

CAMM and CAC Player updates have been released

CAMM (version
- Finally fixed the "Filename or extension is too long" error when trying to play a level that exceeded a certain size (requires update to CAC Player to be installed)

CAC Player (version 1.3.2)
- Added a new method of loading the CAMM file via a local file on the computer. This way CAMM can pass the level over using a temporary file.
- Fixed a bug in the map loader mod where negative numbers in the map data were not being treated as numbers.
- Added fullscreen mode to the CAC Player AIR app.

Follow the instructions for updating on the CAMM page

April 24th, 2019

The first release of CAMM (Crystal Alien Map Maker) is now available!

The long-awaited release of CAMM is finally here! You can now build and play custom CAC levels using CAMM!

Get the downloads and instructions

August 3rd, 2015

We've released an unofficial fan-made update to CrystAlien Conflict!

This update fixes several high profile bugs in the game as well as a couple other changes and additions,
and the re-addition of an old level that was removed in a previous version.

A forum thread was posted on the MMW to announce the release, which included a link to play the new bugfix version of the game, and a detailed change log.