Lego Mars Mission Theme Song

A small clip of this song can be heard in CrystAlien Conflict while a cutscene is playing.
This is the full length version.

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CrystAlien Conflict Offline

A downloadable/installable copy of CrystAlien Conflict.
Only supports Windows. Can be played without internet access.
Only contains the vanilla version of CAC, no fan made updates.

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More downloads are available at the Lego Mars Mission Fan Wiki Downloads Page.


CAMM (Crystal Alien Map Maker)

An in-development open source level/map editor for CrystAlien Conflict.

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CrystAlien Conflict Flash Wrapper

Used for the Bugfix Edition; This is what loads modifications into the game at run time.
The GitHub repository includes the core CrystAlien Redux project mods for bugfixes and extra functionality.

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